France: Beaten by police and imprisoned for his opinons

HREJune 19, « Nicolas », 22, the first protester of the anti-gay-marriage law was sentenced to two months in prison for an imaginary rebellion.
No initial offence could be proved, the arrest was without legal basis and imprisonment appears to be that young « Nicolas » is the first political prisoner of M. Hollande’s French government.
Following this event, the French rallied to protest. Large gatherings were organized in Paris and all French cities from Friday until Sunday to show their indignation?  The protesters also expressed their concerns vis-à-vis their government’s views on gay marriage, their need to impose Gestation For Others, Medically Assisted Procreation and Gender Theory for schools.nicolasNew ! Follow us on twitter
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26 commentaires pour France: Beaten by police and imprisoned for his opinons

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  2. Liz dit :

    That’s just awful!

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  4. alfred ferguson dit :

    Mon Dieu! En France! Je me sens malade!

  5. cambeul41 dit :

    And how many of those policemen actually agreed with him, but felt that saying so would endanger their own bodies and/or careers?

  6. Toni dit :

    if this article is true, and it likely is, the USA needs to impose sanctions against France for this human rights violation. I am glad there are French citizens protesting this false arrest and imprisonment. The French citizens need to not let up on their government until justice is done, which includes the release of NIcolas, restitution made to him, and the authorities behind this false arrest punished and deposed.

  7. Claude A. Paire - Serrier dit :

    France is NO place to protect freedom of ideas and of speech…….Stalin ‘s USSR seemed less freaky! La France n ‘est PAS le pays de la liberté des idées ni des paroles…..L’ URSS de Stalin était moins sinistre !!!!!!

    • Savez vous seulement de quoi vous parler ? L’URSS de Staline moins sinistre ? C’est une insulte aux victimes de ses purges, aux personnes déportées dans des goulags en sibérie. Saviez vous que pour punir les ukrainiens, il les a affamé pendant 3 ans , alors qu’ils cultivaient du blé dans leur propre pays, avec l’ordre de tirer sur ceux qui volaient du blé, enfant compris, est cela que l’on vie en France aujourd’hui ?

    • bobo dit :

      Anti-protester legislation make by those who protest against the imprisonment and refusal to rebelion dna taken …

      Why not have said that theses Sarkozy’s laws were anti-democratic ?

      This is clearly political imprisonment like all imprinsonments of protesters against Sarkozy …

      Indignation « one way » is unhealthy.

      Theses laws are sheet like a lot of sarkozy’s laws.

      • Pivoine dit :

        This is absolutely not true! This legislation is not anti-protest but antiterrorist and it had never been applied in such way. I do not defend Sarkozy, I defend the truth!

        If you know of cases of imprisonment of protesters while Sarkozy was in power, kindly state your sources with names, dates and charges.

        Never in my life have I seen such police repression in France, not even against violent protesters. These demonstrations are totally pacific.

        It would be all in your honour to make an objective and informative comment or refrain from pouring out your political hatred.

        The situation in France is indeed very serious and this document gives an overview to our friends all over the world who are interested in learning more about it.

        Thank you.

      • bobo dit :

        see the comment of maitre eolas on his website about the story of the laws.

    • it’s the same thing. they forced the election of this asshole of Hollande, thinking it would be better than sarko.
      bullshit they both have the same program, but the other problem is, they own the media. too.

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  9. Peter Cunningham dit :

    This is what the majority of French want! THEY voted – Government effected – Police used their muscle and so – WELCOME TO THE MACHINE. Your own people are doing this to ‘you’ because the majority of any population are fools and choose not to learn from history. Well Mr & Mrs Frenchman, History is repeating itself. You are now all BRICKS IN THE WALL. Until you all rebel against police and government n orchestration – Government will dominate ALL. PC

  10. Smith Sybil dit :

    Please let the world know what socialism really is. The minister of Police, M. Valls, is giving orders to the police to be very violent with pacific demonstrators, to send lacrymo gaz on them. We cannot even walk in the street with a T-shirt with a family design without being arrested. We had never known that in France before. The French media are in collusion with the government. They are trying to keep this as silent as possible.

  11. Tanguy dit :

    why am i not suprised with these comments that comes since C.BOUTIN posted on your article, wich lack of informations by the way. i think before putting articles like that, you should at least try to find out what it is all about !
    as for « beaten by the police », well, you shall first look at the riots that came after the « manif pour tous » each times with protesters trying to harm journalists and cops…
    this articles is not worth a penny, I don’t understant how you could post that without any more informations on the subject ? i tough humanrights would be more serious… am i wrong ?

  12. laurent dit :

    GaelleP will forgive me if I am doing a mere « copy/paste » of her comment on Le Point website but it is one of the best I have read so far. It summarises pretty well what France is all about right now. I am sick of it.

    « Il faut savoir que, depuis la loi pénitentiaire de 2009, lorsqu’on est condamné à une peine de prison ferme inférieure à 2 ans, le principe est « l’aménagement de la peine », c’est à dire une alternative à la prison (bracelet électronique, travaux d’intérêt général et, plus souvent liberté sous contrôle judiciaire c’est-à-dire en pratique rien du tout).

    Les condamnés à quelques mois de prison ferme sortent donc toujours libres de l’audience.

    Par exemple, aux Tarterêts, en 2011, lors d’un guet-apens, un jeune avait essayé de tuer un policier à coups de marteau sur la tête. Il avait déjà 10 condamnations à son casier. Jugé en comparution immédiate, il a été condamné à 7 mois de prison ferme… Mais est sorti libre de l’audience.

    Et c’est bien la règle :

    le 8 mai 2013 à Evreux : un individu qui a passé à tabac sa femme et sa fille reçoit 8 mois de prison dont 2 mois ferme mais repart libre en attente d’un aménagement de peine ;
    le 24 mai 2013 à Laon : un homme de 21 ans qui a déjà eu à faire à la Justice est condamné à 8 mois ferme pour car jacking : il sort libre du tribunal ;
    le 5 juin 2013 : un homme déjà condamné reçoit 6 mois ferme pour avoir incendié un bâtiment public : il n’est pas écroué ;
    le 11 juin 2013 : un homme coupable de mise en danger de la vie d’autrui et de violence à l’encontre des policiers à Trappes est condamné à 8 mois de prison avec sursis ;
    le 12 juin 2013 : pour l’attaque du RER D et de ses passagers, agressés, frappés, volés à Grigny : aucune peine de prison ferme n’est prononcée et relaxe pour la quasi-totalité des participants ;
    le 12 juin 2013 : agression sexuelle sur une fille de 11 ans dans les Ardennes : 18 mois avec sursis ;
    le 14 juin 2013, un homme qui a violé sa voisine pendant 2 mois a été condamné à 18 mois ferme, sans être incarcéré à l’issue de l’audience.

    Nicolas, lui, est en ce moment incarcéré à Fleury-Mérogis, une prison qui accueille de véritables délinquants et criminels dont des dealers, des assassins ou des violeurs.

    Que l’on soit en accord ou non avec le mouvement et les revendications de ce jeune homme importe peu. Ce qui est très grave, en revanche, c’est qu’on ait une peine très lourde prononcée contre Nicolas, jeune étudiant au casier judiciaire vierge d’un côté et de l’autre, un laxisme absolu à l’encontre de tant de délinquants et criminels chaque jour. »

  13. EroDev dit :

    If Free Speech is stifled in the name of Gay Pride, there will be only Gay Devastation. Heterosexuals and Homosexuals both have Free Will, and neither should take away the liberty of the other.

  14. Nicolas, political prisoner? Please don’t tell me you all buy the conspiracy theory so easily! The anti-crowd law was enacted under Fillion’s government, and this protester was prosecuted accordingly. For what he did (provided fake ID, twice, resisted his arrest, disobeyed the order to spread out a malevolent crowd, damaged private property), he faced 2 years of imprisonment and €22,000 in fine. He is absolutely NOT a victim of a soviet-style machine nor is he some kind of « political prisoner ». He is a delinquent and the judge was rather merciful. Just because some hooligan is rightfully arrested by the police during a protest, doesn’t mean it targets the protest itself. By confusing political repression with law & order, you are either acting stupid or committing an intellectual fallacy.

  15. Bob dit :

    Please: send to him a post-card or a letter in order to keep up morale.

    Mr Nicolas Bernard-Buss
    Maison d’arrêt de Fleury-Mérogis
    7 avenue des peupliers
    91 705 Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois Cedex

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