France : Freedom of conscience in danger

HREThe french organisation « Civic Forum of Hope » (« Forum Civique de l’Espérance ») supports the Arcangues mayor and his council.

In refusing to apply the law of « gay marriage » in this little corner of France, the Mayor of Arcangues Jean-Michel Colo is exposed to « significant sanctions, » according to Interior Minister, Manuel Valls.

The two men who want to marry, and whose case was rejected, received the support of the Defense Committee of Gay Rights, Idhao (International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia), chaired by Alexandre Marcel Gard. The latter decided to lodge a complaint against all the members of the council of Arcangues.

We call on all our supporters to show their support  for Jean-Michel Colo by writing to or

The Civic Forum of Hope, including « Humans Rights in Europe », will provide legal, financial, political and media support for the mayor and council of Arcangues.

We hope that the fundamental value of « freedom of conscience », underwritten by Francois Hollande (before being redrawn by his « Liberal-libertarian » entourage) is still effective in France, and that this country remains a free country.

Because there are above the laws of the republic laws, when they are immoral, they should not apply.

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3 commentaires pour France : Freedom of conscience in danger

  1. That is preposterous. How can any civil servant reject a law which does not even apply to him? Marriage, as a contract, is regulated by statutes. Its substantive requirements shall NOT be subjected to random political arbitrariness. The idea of allowing elected representative and public officers to refute a legal contract according to his own personal posture is against EVERY Human Rights principles and the rule of law.

    Such behaviour is legitimate when the law obviously stands against Human Rights themselves. However, the right for two people to marry, when legally granted, is a matter of freedom, which does not has to take into account the personal opinion of other people.

    How dare you call yourselves « Human Rights Europe » when you are not even able to provide any reasonable argument based on the principles you pretend to uphold!

    • Rédaction dit :

      Thank you very much for your comment !
      We do dare to call « ourselves » « Human Rights IN Europe », because we think that the Human Rights we have to protect, are the rights of the children now forgotten in France by the law of « gay marriage ». Many french are now protesting against a law which could deprive a child of a father and a mother. They say that we can NOT deprive a child of a father and a mother. They fight to say that EVERY child could have the chance to grow with this kind of « mixing ». (for your information, in France, marriage is totally linked with adoption)

      So you’re totally right : we should dare call ourselves « Human Rights of Children in Europe ».

      Thank you for your idea !

      We will be happy to hear from you again, as discussion is so important

      • I understand your concern. However, kids who are currently raised by same-sex parents (which is very common in a lot of countries) also deserve HR protection. By suggesting that every child must have one father and one mother, you are also standing against single parenting, which is even more common.

        Furthermore, adoption is awarded by a judge according to applicants’ capabilities, which can be reached by both-sex and same-sex parents as well. If same-sex people make bad parents, why are you afraid of them applying to adoption? After all, Courts would discard them anyway if it is true.
        By making sexual duality compulsory in every household, are you implying that same-sex parents tend to hurt children just by raising them?
        Of course, both creditable studies and empirical observations provide very compelling arguments against this opinion. Opinion which is, needless to say, a mere folly.

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